Bridlington Memories

Commercial and pleasure craft of the Yorkshire coast

Bridlington Memories

Postby michaelp » Wed Nov 16, 2022 3:40 pm

I had my first holiday at Bridlington in 1948

Boy's Own.jpg

Boys' Own. Built at Beverley 1938. Modernised and renamed Flamborian in 1968. Left Brid in 1997.

Bridlington Queen.jpg

Bridlington Queen. Built 1947 at East Molesley Surrey. In 1966 she sank just outside the harbour but lived to sail another day. moved from Brid in 1980's and was scrapped at Goole in 1995.

Britannia, A n other, Princess Marina & Boy's Own.jpg

Left to right Britannia, ???, Princess Marina and Boys' Own
It was said that Britannia went to Dunkirk. No idea of the unnamed vessel, never remembered Princess Marina.

Harbour View.jpg

Yorkshireman United Towing Co. Built by Earles in 1928 and spent summers at Brid until 1954 when left for the breakers. My favourite.
Yorkshire Belle built 1947 at Beverley as a replacement for a war loss. Became my favourite when the Yorkshireman left. Still going strong. This post card was sent to me in 1953


Thornwick-- the w is silent. Built by Scarrs of Howdendyke and came to Brid in 1948. Left in 1968, sold and went to Poole. Apparently became a houseboat--some house boat.


This post card was sent to me in 1950. Memories of coal smoke and hot oil and looking down into the engine room.

Happy days of when Brid was alive and packed in August.

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Re: Bridlington Memories

Postby northeast » Wed Nov 16, 2022 3:56 pm

Great collection, Michael. Will need to do some digging on some of them.
Will need to check on 'QUEEN', looks like ex navy?

p.s. if you go to the Simplon Postcards site and then to Bridlington under UK Excursion Ships, all are detailed, BRID QUEEN is indeed a rebuilt MFV.
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Re: Bridlington Memories

Postby Hornbeam » Thu Nov 17, 2022 11:34 am

Interesting photographs of Brid pre cheap foreign holidays, although my holidays in those days were spent mainly at Scarborough we did do the occasional foreign excursion to Brid, interesting in regards to the passenger carrying Tug which reminded me of my time on the John H Amos and the hundred or so B.O.T. Lifejackets we had stowed away on the John H as she was also B.O.T. Approved for Passenger carrying as indeed I was to be her Chief E.
Looking at the other pleasure vessels at Brid the one that has caught my eye is a converted ex R.A.F. Seaplane Tender/ Range Safety Launch which has had her main Cabin removed just leaving the Wheelhouse and possibly the Head and washing facility in place?
I wonder if she was ex R.A.F. Bridlington or indeed purchased from Bolsons (mentioned elsewhere) who seemed to be the main Purveyors of ex Military Craft including Willie Grays "Gray Gull" also ex British Power Boats distinctive George Selman designed MTB/MGB /ASR Hull which was the basis for the American ELCO MGB/MTB's.
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