ANDRI - Kettleness

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ANDRI - Kettleness

Postby northeast » Wed May 23, 2012 6:57 pm

This one is captioned 'Icelandic trawler at Whitby ' .... postcard by Doran Brothers of Whitby

Ron Mapplebeck did some searching and found this ....

Presume this will be the ANDRI, about which Arthur Godfrey & Peter J.Lassey say in SHIPWRECKS OF THE YORKSHIRE COAST:
"Another trawler, the Icelandic vessel ANDRI bound for Grimsby with 120 tons of fish, came ashore at almost the same place [i.e. about a mile and half south of Kettleness) four years later, on 25 January 1936, and in almost the same foggy conditions. This time the vessel's distress signals were heard and at 8.00pm the Runswick lifeboat ROBERT PATTON was launched and the Whitby Number 2 pulling and sailing lifeboat also set out an hour later. The Runswick boat was unable to close on the ANDRI, only three hundred yards from the cliffs. An attempt to escape in the ship's lifeboat also failed when it was smashed against the trawler's side. Soon afterwards the Whitby lifeboat arrived on the scene and, after picking up three survivors in a boat, managed to rescue eight others, but before she could return the remainder of the 17 crew and eight seamen passengers were saved by the Kettleness L.S.A."

From LR 1934, her details are ANDRI ex GULLTOPPUR, built in 1922, 316grt, 145ft. x 25ft. by Schiffbau Ges. 'Unterweser', Wesermunde.

Mention of the Kettleness LSA reminds me of childhood visits to Overdale Farm at Lythe, situated right out on the clifftops and the home of the Raw family who had a long tradition of life-saving with the Kettleness brigade. Their activities are much less recognised and documented than those of the lifeboat service, perhaps understandably so, but these land-based rescue brigades were extremely skilled at saving life via rocket-line and breeches buoy, or by using the narrow paths to the rocky shores below. They were drawn mainly from the farming community but many a sailor must owe his life to these men!
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