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My grandfather helped to build her, or so it has been said.
And she ended her days on the beach at my home town when I was VERY young!
Vague memories of helping the local population to salvage her bunker coal, just a public duty to prevent it spoiling our fine sandy beaches :D

1913, 4221grt
Richardson, Duck & Co., Stockton-on-Tees (634) as CALDY for Fargrove Steam Nav. Co. (Farrar, Groves), London
1918 GRELCALDY, Dulcia Steam Shipping (J.C.Gould), Cardiff
1925 The Derwen Shipping Co. (D.G.Hall), Cardiff
1931 TAXIARCHIS, Lemos Brothers, Chios
Wrecked on the West Scar Rocks, Redcar on 14/1/1952, Leith for the Black Sea in ballast
Here she is in happier times
Cheers, George
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