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Postby northeast » Wed Nov 18, 2015 8:15 am

Enquiry from David Hornsby in Southampton .... can anyone help, nothing available for Hull to my knowledge.

The first schools’ cruise on board British India’s Neuralia organised by the Scottish Secondary Schools Travel Trust started on 25th July 1932 from Leith to “Scandinavian Capitals”. The next cruise to Baltic Cities was organised by Schools Journey’s Association, some reports say from Hull and others say from Middlesbrough. It is possible that there were two in August, one from each, but I have been unable to get any confirmation. Do you by any chance know if Hull was used – as seems probable with some students coming from Lincolnshire and Notts – or any other details. Alternatively, do you know of anyone in ABP who might have the archive details?
Cheers, George
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