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The Ton class minesweeper Kedleston, completed by Willam Pickersgill in 1955, at Leith on 17 June 1984.
Kedleston, 17 June 1984 _1.jpg
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HMS KEDLESTON 010685a.jpg
Photo Michael Green Collection
HMS KEDLESTON M1153 passing under the Forth Bridge 01.06.85
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Postby magoonigal » Tue Sep 08, 2020 12:27 am

She had a very long build time. Laid down on the 26th November 1952. Launched 21st December 1953. Commissioned 2nd July 1955.
The dates for her sister KELLINGTON from the same yard were:- 5th January 1954--12th October 1954--4th November 1955.
Colledge has her as NORTHUMBRIA from January 1955, reverting back to KEDLESTON later the same year, presumably when she was commissioned.
So Did she spend a wee while in the training squadron before she officially commissioned?? Hence the seemingly long build time??

She was towed to Bruges for breaking on the 20th April 1992.
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