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A fine view of her, possibly leaving Victoria Dock at Hull

1907, 1545grt
J. Blumer, Sunderland (193) for Wm. France, Fenwick & Co., London
1935 TANAIS, Synodinos Brothers, Piraeus
Sunk by German air strike at Suda Bay on 26/5/1941
Refloated and repaired by German forces, operated from 1942 by Mittelmeer Reed. GmbH
Torpedoed by H.M.S. VIVID on 09/06/1944, north of Heraklion (35.35N 25.11E)

and details for the small tug ADA are from David Asprey / Tugtalk
44grt 57.0 x 14.0 x 7.0ft
blt 1895 Henry Scarr, Beverley
C2cy 125ihp Escreet & Richmond, Hull
1895 John H Grainger, Hull
1900 Ada A Grainger, Hull [widow of JHG]
1916 Robert & John Wheeldon and Peter Foster, Hull
1917 sold to Admiralty - Controlerate of Auxiliary Shipbuilding
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