Not quite a river view, but .........

Not quite a river view, but .........

Postby Dennis Maccoy » Sun Dec 16, 2018 2:39 pm

Whilst waiting at the old pilot jetty to photograph the Imavere entering the river this morning I looked round to assess whether the solitary cloud in the sky was likely to interfere with my photography (of course it did) and noticed a bright spot in the sky to the south. Out of curiosity I took a picture that, on close examination, showed the bright spot to be an aircraft contrail and also showed two more that I’d not noticed. Reference to the flight information App on my phone showed them to be: a 777 at over 30,000 ft over Whitby (approximately 50 miles) - top, a 767 at over 30,000 ft over Scarborough (approximately 65 miles) - left, and an A380 at 38,000 ft over Bridlington (approximately 80 miles) - lower. Considering how murky viewing conditions can be in the harbour I thought that seeing anything at those distances was quite remarkable!
Contrails, from Tyne harbour, 16 December 2018_1_1.JPG
Regards, Dennis.
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