TEES (1911)

TEES (1911)

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TEES, built at Goole for E.P. Hutchinson of Hull. She was 546gt, completed November 1911, and in 1923 passed to New Zealand owners without change of name. In August 1940 she was sold within New Zealand to become the HOLMWOOD. On 25 November 1941 she was on her normal route from Chatham Island to Lyttelton when she was intercepted and sunk by the German armed merchant cruiser KOMET. Crew and passengers were landed on an island and later rescued by another NZ ship. Despite being a small vessel she had accommodation for 20 passengers in small cabins amidships and a further 12 in bunks aft.

See also: http://www.gooleships.co.uk/goolesb/tees1911.htm

Photo from TEESSHIPS archives, origin unknown, but contributed by Dave Martin:
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