Trent Arrivals and Departures - April 2012

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Trent Arrivals and Departures - April 2012

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River Trent Arrivals & Departures April 2012

Flixborough Wharf

1st – PRUDENCE from unknown port 1st sailed for Immingham
1st – FAST SUS from unknown port 3rd sailed for Antwerp
3rd – EEMS SERVANT from Rotterdam 4th moved to Gunness Wharf
4th – FAST WIL from Liege 7th sailed for Odense
4th – HELEN ANNA from unknown port 12th sailed for Antwerp
7th – RIG from Moerdyk 8th moved to Grove Wharf
10th – FAST JULIA from Szczecin 10th moved to Gunness Wharf
10th – EEMS DOLLARD from Grove Wharf 12th sailed for Antwerp
12th – FEHN CAPELLA from Izmit 18th sailed to Immingham
12th – FAST JULIA from Gunness Wharf 13th sailed for unknown port
14th – RMS LAAR from Duisburg 15th sailed for Vlaardingen
17th – FAST WIL from Szczecin 19th sailed for Belfast
18th – EEMS SOLAR from unknown port 21st sailed for Antwerp
21st – WISDOM from Duisburg 23rd sailed to Immingham
21st – WILSON ALICANTE from Aaheim 25th sailed for Immingham
23rd – LORE PRAHM from Keadby Wharf 25th sailed for Vejle
25th – EEMS CARRIER from Immingham 26th sailed for Bermeo
26th – PARSIVAL from unknown port 1st May sailed for Plymouth
26th – GRAF UKO from Terneuzen 1st May sailed for Hull

Neap House Wharf

1st – WILSON MOSEL from unknown port 3rd sailed for Le Harve
5th – WILSON ELBE from Dunkirk 5th sailed for Rotterdam
5th – WEST CARRIER from Grove Wharf 6th sailed for Drogheda
11th – PUR NAVOLOK from Barcelona 11th moved to Grove Wharf
26th – NAUTICA from Riga 28th sailed for Interkeithing
29th – FRAKTO from Grove Wharf 30th sailed for Rouen

Grove Wharf

2nd – GIESSENBORG from Pasajes 5th sailed for Tornio
3rd – RAN from Ipswich 4th sailed for Rotterdam
5th – WEST CARRIER from Sauda 5th moved to Neap House
5th – CELTIC ENDEAVOUR from Diliskelesi 8th sailed for Poole
6th – EIDER from Pasajes 12th sailed for Grimsby
7th – MOLO CARRIER from unknown port 10th sailed for Salten
7th – SCOT PIONEER from Varberg 8th sailed for Inverness
8th – FLINTERBAY from Santander 12th sailed for unknown port
8th – RIG from Flixborough Wharf 11th sailed for Liepaja
9th – EEMS DOLLARD from unknown port 10th moved to Flixborough
9th – MUSKETIER from Kaliningrad 12th sailed for unknown port
10th – PLATO from unknown port 13th sailed for Immingham
10th – ARDESCO from Barcelona 12th sailed for unknown port
11th – PUR NAVOLOK from Neap House Wharf 13th sailed for Gdynia
11th – CASABLANCA from Szczecin 12th sailed for Immingham
15th – NATHALIE from Antwerp 17th sailed for Rouen
17th – KOVERA from Riga 18th moved to Keadby Wharf
20th – ANMIRO from Hull 20th sailed for Kvinesdal
22nd – SCOT CARRIER from Varberg 22nd sailed for Inverness
22nd – BOMAR MOON from Antwerp 24th sailed for Moerdijk
23rd – KREMPERTOR from Pasajes 26th sailed for Invergordon
24th – TOVE from Pasajes 27th sailed for Amsterdam
26th – ANKE ANGELA from New Holland Dock 30th sailed for Koping
26th – FRAKTO from unknown port 29th moved to Neap House
29th – AMADEUS from Koping 1st May sailed for Terneuzen
29th – BRAVERY from Duisburg 1st May sailed for Immingham
29th – CELINE from unknown port 1st May sailed for Hull

Keadby Wharf

12th – VELA from St. Petersburg 16th sailed for Vlaardingen
18th – KOVERA from Grove Wharf 20th sailed for Immingham
20th – LORE PRAHM from Barking 23rd moved to Flixborough

Gunness Wharf

4th – EEMS SERVANT from Flixborough Wharf 6th sailed for Boston
6th – MOORMERLAND from Rotterdam 6th sailed for Rotterdam
7th – ARCTICA HAV from Pasajes 8th sailed for Sluiskil
8th – ALCEDO from Antwerp 8th sailed for Rotterdam
8th – BRAVERY from Duisburg 10th sailed for Immingham
9th – TANJA from unknown port 12th sailed for Gdynia
10th – FAST JULIA from Flixborough Wharf 12th moved to Flixborough
15th – CLARITY from Antwerp 19th sailed for Liege
16th – PRUDENCE from Duisburg 17th sailed for Rotterdam
19th – ALEXANDER KUPRIN arrived from Riga 20th sailed for Antwerp
23rd – FAST SAM from Szczecin 25th sailed for Shoreham
30th – AMANDA from Brake 3rd May sailed for unknown port
30th – PRUDENCE from Duisburg 2nd May sailed for Blyth
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