Tug assistance on the Trent.

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Tug assistance on the Trent.

Postby Patrick Hill » Thu May 17, 2012 7:17 pm

I was told yesterday that when the ELM was inward bound recently she was escorted by the SHOVETTE, which provided assistance just above BOS. Today I heard on the VHF she was heading upriver to escort another ship (LUHNAU?) up the Trent. Is this a recent trend as I can't say I've seen this myself?

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Re: Tug assistance on the Trent.

Postby Chris and Mal » Sat May 19, 2012 1:14 pm

Here is a picture of what caused the conversation with Patrick.

We were at Burton Stather, by the pub on Saturday 13th May 2012 about 1230, when we spotted ELM coming upstream, followed by SHOVETTE. We had been at Barton and on Ferriby Cliff earlier in the morning and had seen SHOVETTE heading upstream 'blunt end' first.

From the picture you can see SHOVETTE following ELM. At the bend she went alongside ELM on the starboard and looked as though she was making sure ELM stayed in the channel. She then preceded ELM, 'pointed end' first, to Grove.

Burton Stather 20120512 (1) lr.jpg
ELM and SHOVETTE on Trent at Burton Staher 12.05.2012
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