Point Spencer - 1973

Point Spencer - 1973

Postby Whickham » Fri Jun 16, 2017 7:36 am

POINT SPENCER was built by Richard Dunston at Hessle in 1973, YN 888
1973: Smit & Cory International Port Towage
1990: Cory Towage
2000: Wijsmuller Marine
2001: Svitzer Marine
2002: Rederij Noordgat, Terschelling; renamed HUNTER
2006: Hunter BV, Terschilling

Photographer unknown

Photographer unknown

Photographer unknown

Photographer unknown

As HUNTER. Photographer unknown

As HUNTER. Photographer unknown
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Re: Point Spencer - 1973

Postby tidesman » Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:19 am

The top image was a trials photo, potentially by Walter Fussey at Hessle, who covered many of the Dunston newbuildings. I have the same image credited to the collection of the late Viscount Leathers.

O.N. 358785. 366g. 39.40 x 9.61 x 3.855 metres oa.
12-cyl. 4 S.C.S.A. (254 x 305mm) 12RK3CM vee type by Ruston Paxman Diesels Ltd., Colchester, single reduction geared to a controllable pitch propeller operating within a Kort steerable nozzle. 3,300 bhp. 43 tons bollard pull. 14 kts.
15.4.1972: Keel laid by Richard Dunston (Hessle) Ltd., Hessle upon Humber (Yard No. S. 888) for Smit & Cory International Port Towage Ltd., (Cory Ship Towage Ltd., managers), London.
10.8.1972: Launched.
5.2.1973: Completed. Registered at London.
1976: Transferred to Halifax, Canada registry and removed from management.
1978: Chartered to Cory Ship Towage Ltd., London, and transferred to London registry.
1992: Sold to Cory Towage Ltd.
3.4.2000: Owner restyled as Wijsmuller Marine Ltd.
30.9.2002: Owner restyled as Svitzer Marine Ltd.
27.3.2003: Sold to Noordgat Towing & Salvage BV, Holland and renamed HUNTER, under Netherlands flag.
7.11.2006: Sold to Hunter BV (Rederij Noordgat BV, Holland, manager),
6.2010: To Panama flag.
5.2013: Last recorded PSC inspection.
4.2017: Still in SeaWeb, as in service but, without any additional detail.

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Re: Point Spencer - 1973

Postby Dennis Maccoy » Sun Apr 29, 2018 9:10 am

Point Spencer on the Clyde on 18 August 1999.
Point Spencer, 18 August 1999_1.jpg
Regards, Dennis.
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