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ANGLO-INDIAN, 5609gt, completed by Short Bros. Ltd., Sunderland, in January 1938 for Nitrate Producers' S.S. Co. Ltd., (Lawther, Latta & Co. Ltd. - managers), London. In 1943 she was sold to Reardon Smith to become their TACOMA CITY. 1954 took her to Hong Kong (British) ownership as INCHCASTLE for Williamson & Co. Ltd. In 1966 she passed to other HK ownership with Wing On S.S. Co. S.A. under the name LUCKY (Panama flag). She arrived at Kaohsiung 8.11.1969 to be broken up.

My personal interest in this view is that on 28.9.1962 I saw the INCHCASTLE in Middlesbrough Dock.

Photo from TEESSHIPS archives, origin unknown, but contributed by Dave Martin:
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