Photo Capacity and Posting

Photo Capacity and Posting

Postby northeast » Mon Oct 31, 2022 8:02 am

The hosting package which cover this Forum plus the English & Irish, Tees and Sunderland shipbuilding sites has now reached 80% of its disc capacity. Current hosting costs are around £80 p.a. and increasing to the next capacity, which is really for E-commerce, would be around £220 p.a.

From my perspective, the shipbuilding sites need to continue to grow, but are less demanding on photos than NEM.
So we need to manage NEM in such a way that doesn't discourage new photos, but conserves capacity. There is some scope for deleting some multiple postings going back many years, this will be done in a careful and limited way to avoid losing complete threads.

What I would ask now is that members consider carefully whether a vessel has been well-covered before adding to a thread, or 'add one and delete one' if it's just your thread.
Secondly, when taking multiple photos of ships 'on the move', which we all do, please select just the best and I would hope limit to not more than 3 photos for each occasion.

With good cooperation, I am sure all sites can continue for some years to come, within the existing package and costs.
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