German submarine at Dunston 1949

German submarine at Dunston 1949

Postby brianh » Thu Apr 24, 2014 3:11 pm

A U boat was towed into the Tyne by the tug Guardsman on 4 June 1949 from Londonderry and moved up river to Dunston on 9 June. The details reported at the time were that it was U192 - however U192 was lost on 14 June 1943. It has been suggested that it might have been U 953 but this is believed to have been scrapped at Hayle, and the likeihood is that the Dunston boat it was U 712. I understand that there is a picture of the boat at Dunston but the owner for some reason is reluctant to release a clear view as he convinced that it is neither 712 or 953 based on the circumstantial evidence of some artifactss when the boat was at Dunston. I wondered whether there might be a picture in the Arthur Weller collection, even of a partial view related to the tug.

I should add that Guardsman brought the British boat P61 Varangian up to King`s on 24 May 1949, of which there is a picture.
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